Monday, October 26, 2015

Summer's for Mini-Anarkali/ Kediyu

Post Dusshera prancing about on the balcony garden after I got a hose and sprayed water on every leaf, the things that make me happy are really simple! I have a bunch of these mini-anaarkali/ kediyu that I wear all summer round with shorts, in winter I wear them with jeans like you've seen here.

It's one week to our adventure, the house cleaning has begun, I don't even know what to pack but I've bought my travel diary ofcourse and already started drawing in it. In the meantime I obviously don't have time to take outfit photos but then it's not like I wear anything other than everyday wear in outfit posts. So here I am in another one of my Ajrakh staples just after watering my plants with greasy hair :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Subho Oshtomi

Happy Ashtami to all those celebrating today, I thought this was a good day to show the version of skirt and choli I wore last weekend for an impromptu wander in a little secret garden. Chania cholis are too pretty to save just for Garba and Dandiya so I wear them all year round. Embroidered gaghras with my favourite graphic tees and cholis with shorts, jeans and minis seem to be a staple in my wardrobe. I especially like relaxed boyfriend jeans with vintage backless cholis with sneakers.

How do you wear your staples?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Of white kurtas and beaded beauties

I wear kurtas to work regularly and the only way I do plain white kurtas is with heaps of silver or beads. It's the only way I understand minimalistic, I use my neutrals as a base to show off my latest obsessions. What other way is there to do minimalistic?

I had been obsessing about this picture of a lady from Mauritius who had posted the most divine photo while pregnant. No, not obsessing about her pregnancy glow, even though she was glowing like a Goddess from head to toe, I couldn't look away from her awesome beaded necklace! I finally asked her about it and discovered this amazing shop run by an awesome lady from Perth, Gifts from Africa. They have the most wonderful collection of beaded jewellery at prices that literally made my mouth water. Seriously if you love jewellery, you need to check her out.

I love buying from independent women owned businesses, even more so when they are fellow WoCs. It gives me a warm, happy, fuzzy feel. Navaratri has finally started and I am in the mood to celebrate with wonderful handmade jewellery :) I haven't been able to take this necklace off since I got it, and sometimes stop what I am doing to stare at it.

Hope you're having a great time where ever you are.