Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bagru print by the harbour bridge

Like I said in this post before, I feel kurtas are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, this indigo beauty is a dabu print I got on one of my little travels, worn here with a bright woven bag from Colombia and buttery soft leather shorts.

It is worn as a dress or top with a skirt or shorts or flowy wide legged bottoms in the summer, layered over merino wool base layer and leggings or denim when it gets colder. I wear it to the beach and to work and it only looks better as it is more frequently used. Truly versatile.

Natural indigo is a rare commodity with small quantities produced by the Chippa community in Bagru, Rajasthan, India. The natural version of the blue dye is obtained from the indigo plants of the indigofera family. Beautiful indigo patterns are created with dabu, a mud-resist paste made with all things natural.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The versatile block print chunni wrap

Cotton hand block-printed chunnis (or duppatta what ever you may choose to call it) with traditional folk motifs earthy colours are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. The soft cotton weave is large enough to be the perfect oversized scarf, vest, skirt, beach towel, shawl, sarong or throw and it only gets better looking with repeated use.

I've had this one for ages and it is a part of a kurta, salwaar set that has long since been misplaced. The chunni or dupatta is a necessary wardrobe item for a desi woman back home. Normally worn as a long scarf, draped over one or both shoulders with a kurta or kurti, it is usually a flourish of color for any outfit.

I have worn it here as a swimwear cover-up to wade about in the shallow waters of a rivulet that weaves it way through a rainforest, culminating into a spectacular escarpment water-fall. Traditional fabrics and water-falls seems to be a theme on this blog that I am in no hurry to change. I genuinely feel the most content around water-falls with loved ones. What's your happy place?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Waterfall by the beach

We spent a wonderful afternoon at this amazing beach with wonderfully clear water and a little waterfall on the side. I wore the usual hand blocked tent dress that suits the current summer weather here perfectly.

I have the exact same dress in another colour that has made an appearance on this blog post in 2013! I find these cotton anarkalis beautifully flowy in their billowing glory (some may call it shapeless). The fabric gets softer and wonderfully worn-in with every wear and wash and I cannot get enough of these.